Measure and optimize:
The data-driven media strategy

We optimize all communication channels to achieve optimum ROI and maximum return on your investment.

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What is a data-driven
media strategy?

Today, companies collect a great deal of data on their customers, prospects, in-store visitors… But consolidating this data to create a unified vision of customers is far from being a reality for the vast majority of companies.

This is where data-driven media strategy comes in, with the aim of tracking and analyzing the performance of all your online and offline campaigns to optimize your advertising investments.

The advantage for you, advertisers:

With the rise of digital technology, companies have more and more data at their disposal. By implementing a data-driven strategy, your brand will benefit in several ways: 

  • Target the hottest prospects using third-party data (twin profiles, etc.).
  • Analyze purchasing behavior 
  • Track and measure the performance of your campaigns 
  • Manage your campaign in real time with precise indicators 
  • Send personalized messages and offers to your contacts 
  • Develop better customer interaction and loyalty

Our actions

A data-driven media strategy means, first and foremost, systematically integrating performance measurement into our ongoing test-and-learn approach.

Tracking and performance measurement are carried out using tools that enable us to monitor interactions with your brand, measure the impact of off-line campaigns (TV) on your website, and determine the return on investment (ROI) of these campaigns.

Thanks to refined customer knowledge, we can implement more effective, personalized marketing actions. You’ll also be able to effectively reach prospects with the same profile as your customers, both nationally and locally.

To reach your “best prospects” and win new customers, we also implement programmatic display campaigns to broadcast your advertising messages. We implement targeting strategies based on behavioral data, contextual look-alike profiles, as well as thematic sites,  affinitaires and major audience hubs to reach your targets. 

We adapt formats (rich media, video, events, native) and distribution contexts to suit your objectives.

With access to all advertising inventories, we can deliver the right message to the right user at the right time. 

By running your desktop and mobile campaigns ourselves, you’re guaranteed real-time performance monitoring at the right price. Your targets will be effectively exposed and your campaigns will meet your objectives: developing brand awareness, winning new customers…