Your outdoor advertising success: treat yourself to large-format advertising close to your customers.

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Benefit from the power of outdoor advertising

Consumers and billboards

Out-of-home advertising (OOH) is the oldest of all media. Consumers are used to it and appreciate it. It has become an omnipresent part of their daily lives. Today, there are over 90,000 surfaces in Switzerland.
OOH is also a media that is going digital. Digital signage is beginning to appear, enabling interaction with the public. This is known as digital out of home (DOOH).

The consumer and digital out of home (DOOH)

Creative, innovative and interactive, DOOH (digital out of home) is a very popular medium with consumers. This term refers to outdoor digital advertising. It becomes a real playground, thanks to touchscreens and smartphone interaction.

DOOH is still a very recent and rapidly evolving advertising medium. Not only do technological innovations enable us to produce ever more original and innovative messages, but the development of programmatic techniques also means that we can adapt our messages in real time to improve the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. It offers great freedom of communication.

For advertisers, DOOH offers many advantages: 

  • Creative, innovative and interactive
  • Responsive and customizable
  • Effective: campaigns are broadcast 24 hours a day
  • Targeted: DOOH allows you to communicate in a specific geographic area and make yourself known in a specific catchment area.
  • Close to the point of sale, often one of the last points of contact before a purchase is made
  • Adaptable and customizable: thanks to programmatic techniques, DOOH can be adapted to the context, the target…
  • Measurable
  • Innovative: reinventing advertising communications and even the point-of-sale shopping experience 

DOOH has the capacity to cover the entire public space, and therefore to be visible at all times: on the street, in shopping malls, in airports… It also offers the possibility of communicating in a different way, using a variety of media defined according to your objectives, be they awareness, traffic, etc.

  • LCD or Plasma TV screens
  • Interactive terminals
  • Video totems
  • Media players
  • Touch screens
  • Dynamic displays

Benefiting from real-time measurement, digital out-of-home relies on programmatic tools to tailor messages to consumers.

Why a poster campaign ?

A poster campaign can be a very effective way of promoting your company and its products or services. Posters can be placed in strategic locations to attract consumers’ attention and encourage them to buy your products or services. Posters can also be designed to communicate a clear, consistent message, and can be quickly updated and modified to reflect consumer trends and preferences. Last but not least, poster campaigns can be very cost-effective, and can help increase your company’s brand awareness.

What are the advantages of this outdoor medium?

One of the main advantages of using display media is its broad reach and ease of access. Posters can be easily seen by a large number of people and are highly visible. Posters can be easily modified or updated, enabling companies to react quickly to market trends and consumer preferences. What’s more, posters can be put up quickly and cheaply, making them a very attractive form of advertising for small businesses.

What format should you choose for your poster campaign ?

Display formats are numerous and have the advantage of reaching specific targets:

  •     Rural and mountain signage
  •     Transport displays (e.g. train, bus or metro wraps)
  •     Street furniture: bus shelters, rotating posters, etc.)
  •     Station/airport signage (to reach tourists and travelers)

Depending on the area and the targets selected, we’ll recommend the different formats to use. In portrait or landscape format, huge or discreet, static or animated: digital and analog products come in the perfect format for every use: from F4, F200, F12 or F24 poster format, full bus or streetcar backlit, Traffic Board, ePanel or eBoard and many other formats.

How do you measure the performance of your  campaigns?

Swiss Poster Research Plus AG is Switzerland’s neutral scientific research institute for media and out-of-home mobility. It provides precise answers to these questions. It examines the mobility of the Swiss population and relates it to all poster panels on Swiss roads and in railway stations, regardless of supplier. Among other things, it measures the number of visibility-weighted contacts a surface generates.

By combining this information, we can obtain a precise measurement of the audience for each billboard.

What does the future hold for outdoor advertising ?

With the world moving towards digital and the growth of programmatic purchasing, advertising is constantly evolving. The display adapts to these multiple signals. This media can now change the messages it broadcasts according to time of day and behavior, and calculate its audience very precisely. Digitizing the panels makes it possible to measure performance even more accurately. They can count the exact number of people who have stopped in front of the ad, the time spent, and even identify gender and age. It is now possible for advertisers to quantify and qualify their audiences and therefore target the distribution of their campaigns!

Connected and interactive, MEDIAGENIC’s solutions enable you to vary and target your messages, make consumers interact with your brands, and accompany them on their purchasing journey to your point of sale or website.

Frequently asked questions to our media agency about outdoor advertising

Find out the answers to the most frequently asked questions about outdoor advertising below.

How do I set up my outdoor advertising campaign?

There are several stages to setting up an outdoor advertising campaign. First of all, you need to determine the type of advertising and message that will be most appropriate for your company and target audience. We’ll then choose the locations for your campaign that will be visible and accessible to your target audience. We’ll also choose the formats for your poster campaign. 

Our media agency can support you at every stage to ensure the success of your campaign.

Is outdoor advertising right for my company and my budget?

Outdoor advertising can be adapted to different budget levels, thanks to the diversity of formats and locations on offer. 

However, it’s important to consider production costs, as well as your company’s objectives and target audience.

How to run a successful outdoor advertising campaign?

For a successful outdoor advertising campaign, it’s important to clearly define your company’s objectives, target your audience, design an impactful message and measure the results of your campaign. 

Finally, you need to ensure that your ad is legible, attractive and consistent with your message and brand image.

What is DOOH?

DOOH (Digital Out-of-Home) is a type of digital advertising that uses screens placed in public spaces such as train stations, shopping malls, airports, stadiums and streets to display advertisements.

The advantages of DOOH are as follows:

Increased visibility: DOOH can reach a large number of people in strategic locations with heavy pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

Flexibility: DOOH ads can be easily modified in real time to reflect the latest offers, promotions and events.

Interactivity: DOOH displays can be equipped with interactive technologies such as motion sensors, cameras and touch screens to encourage consumer engagement.

Measurability: DOOH campaigns can be measured in real time to track impressions, clicks and conversions.

What's the difference between outdoor and television advertising?

Outdoor advertising and television advertising are two very different forms of advertising. Outdoor advertising is a form of visual advertising that is usually displayed on a physical surface, such as a poster, billboard or banner ad. Television advertising is a form of audiovisual advertising that is broadcast on television channels and online platforms. Both forms of advertising can be very effective in promoting your company and its products or services, but they have different advantages and disadvantages.

How much does an outdoor advertising campaign cost?

The cost of an out-of-home advertising campaign depends on several factors. For example, you need to take into account the number of sites chosen, the duration of the campaign (7, 14, 21 days), the choice of format, and so on. 

Contact our media agency for a personalized quote.