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Benefit from the credibility and influence of press advertising

The press is part of Swiss culture, and people identify with the titles they read. Subscription rates for magazines and newspapers (especially Sunday newspapers) are very high.

It’s a medium that inspires confidence and is read with attention. 

Switzerland also boasts a highly competitive press market, enabling advertisers to find reasonable rates.

What’s more, Switzerland has a high readership rate, which means that advertisements get wide exposure to a specific audience. Last but not least, Switzerland is a stable, mature market, enabling advertisers to plan long-term advertising campaigns.

Most print newspapers and magazines now come in digital versions, and some titles exist solely online (pure-players). The digitalization of the press has made its content accessible to as many users as possible, at any time. 

Without further ado, discover the other benefits of advertising in newspapers and magazines, and how our media agency can support you.

Why do a press campaign: the advantages of this medium, which is deeply rooted in Swiss culture

The press is an essential part of any media campaign, and offers numerous advantages for the advertiser. Print advertising can be an effective tool for reaching a targeted audience and creating a strong brand impact in Switzerland, particularly for brands seeking to reach niche or local markets.

It offers advertisers significant advantages. Here are just a few examples:

What format should you choose for your press ad ?

In the press, there are a number of media, such as national, regional and magazine press, and a large number of standard formats: 

Double page, single page, full page, ½ page, ¼ page, overlay, 2nd, 3rd, 4th cover page etc.

To optimize the coverage of your insertions and thus reach more of your target audience, all press titles today offer either link-ups with their website or simple or elaborate display devices (rich media, brand content, etc.).

Thanks to this diversity, the press can be targeted in a variety of ways: by center of interest, by geolocation, and so on. This means you can reach your consumers in more ways than one, and increase duplication. We’ll be happy to advise you on how to optimize your advertising message and your advertising investment.

Mediagenic helps you set up your press advertising campaign

Don’t hesitate to ask us to set up your newspaper and magazine campaign. Media planning, communications strategy, contacts with advertising agencies, media buying and results analysis are all managed by our team.

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Frequently asked questions to our media agency about press advertising

Find out below the answers to the most frequently asked questions about advertising in the print media.

Why choose press advertising for your company?

Press advertising is a strategic choice, because it enables you to reach a very loyal readership in a highly targeted way (thematic, geographically, etc.) and to deliver an impactful message thanks to placements in editorial environments in affinity with your brand, your positioning and your business. 

Press advertising can be a cost-effective way of promoting your business. Advertisements can be targeted to reach a specific target audience, and can be implemented quickly and easily. What’s more, press advertising offers long-term exposure, enabling advertisers to develop brand recognition and create a positive brand image with their target audience. Press advertising can also be less expensive than digital media advertising, making it an attractive option for many companies.

The press also benefits from a high take-up rate, which increases contact frequency and penetration of your target audience. 

How do I set up my press advertising campaign?

Setting up a press advertising campaign involves a number of stages, including media planning, communication strategy, contacting the advertising agency, buying advertising space and analyzing the results. Our media agency can support you every step of the way to ensure the success of your campaign and optimize your advertising investments.

Is press advertising right for my company and my budget?

Press advertising can be adapted to suit all companies and budgets, thanks to the diversity of genres (daily press, magazines, Sunday papers, etc.), formats and media on offer. 

However, it’s important to consider your company’s objectives and your target audience, before deciding whether press advertising is right for you. The choice of communication channels is an integral part of media analysis and strategy.

How to run a successful press advertising campaign?

To run a successful press advertising campaign, it’s essential to clearly define the objectives of your advertising campaign, define your target audience, design an impactful message (visuals and text) and ideally set up an incentive for readers to interact with your company (QR code, discount voucher etc.) and thus measure the results of your campaign.

How can you measure the performance of your press campaigns?

Advertising performance is measured on the same press family (e.g. monthly magazines) and on a precisely defined target.
Then, depending on the media plan previously drawn up (number of press titles, format, number of insertions) different key performance indicators are taken into account:

  • Coverage in thousands
  • Coverage in
  • Affinity index
  • Number of contacts generated
  • Test of readership deduplication and exclusive coverage of each title

Measuring the performance of your media plan is essential if you want to know exactly what your return on investment is!

In Switzerland, the key player in measuring the performance of your press advertising campaigns is REMP (WEMF): 

  • MACH Basic provides the official reference for press media planning and publisher marketing in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

This study of national readership is at the heart of the MACH research model developed by REMP. 

It provides validated, benchmark data on penetration rates and readership structures for around 300 press titles (including e-papers) and combinations of titles (newspapers and magazines). This makes it easier to make strategic decisions. 

The  MACH Basic presents indicators for contact and title qualities. Data on reading volume, reading time, number of pick-ups and title loyalty reveal how readers use their titles and how attached they are to them.

Usefulness to the advertising and media markets is paramount:

  • The official reference for media planning 
    • Which gives “cRR” penetration rates (calculated Recent Readership), provides information on the composition of the readership of an average edition,
    • Displays detailed characteristics relating to geography, people (socio-demographics), households and personal interests
  • Enables an intramedia comparison of press titles, including e-papers (performance calibration according to a wide range of criteria). It’s an essential planning tool for decision-making in press advertising campaigns, and the official reference for the quantitative evaluation of a title.
Does press advertising have a future?

Press advertising has a promising future. Press advertising remains an excellent way of reaching a specific target audience. 

Press advertising can also be less expensive than advertising in other mass media, making it an attractive option for many local businesses. 

What’s more, publications and advertisers can take advantage of digital technologies to enhance their advertising campaigns.

What's the difference between press advertising and digital advertising?

The main difference between press advertising and digital advertising is the target audience. Press advertising generally targets a wider, more diverse audience, while digital advertising targets specific groups. Press advertising is generally less expensive than digital advertising, but can take longer to produce and publish. Digital advertising is easier to implement, but can be harder to measure and optimize.

How much does a press advertising campaign cost?

The cost of a press advertising campaign will depend on the type of advertising campaign you wish to launch, the type of publication in which you wish to advertise and the advertising formats you wish to use. Once you’ve determined all these aspects, you can estimate the cost of your campaign and adjust your budget accordingly.

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