Have qualities or characteristics that are particularly attractive or appealing when presented in the media.

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The media strategy agency that amplifies brand awareness!

Our brand promise is centered on the commitment to make your business visible. We understand that visibility is crucial to success in today’s competitive marketplace. We’re committed to using our expertise, resources and innovative strategies to make sure your business stands out and gets the attention it deserves.

Thanks to our global approach, we strive to improve your brand’s visibility on a variety of traditional and digital media channels. We draw on our knowledge of marketing, advertising, public relations and communications to design impactful campaigns tailored to your business objectives.

Our team of experienced professionals works closely with you to understand your unique vision, target audience and industry. We analyze market trends, conduct in-depth research and develop customized strategies to maximize your company’s visibility and reach. We combine creativity with data insight to create compelling content and deliver it through the most effective channels, ensuring that your message resonates with your target audience.

We’re committed to delivering measurable results and helping your business grow and gain recognition. With our brand promise, we assure you that we’ll go above and beyond to make your business visible, unlock its potential and set it on the road to success.

Branding & digital strategy agency

MEDIAGENIC is a media consulting agency dedicated to performance, to improve the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Founded in 2008, MEDIAGENIC is an agency specializing in branding and digital strategy for performance. Our team works with your company to develop your brand image by creating a media strategy, implementing it, monitoring and controlling performance, and optimizing the budget for all campaigns on the different channels.

Born out of the meeting of the on- and off-line worlds, our agency has taken on board the impact and challenges of digital marketing with a strong “results” culture, essential at a time of audience fragmentation and multi-device.

Thanks to our expertise in optimizing media buying costs, we promote synergy between online and offline media. 

Agile media activation for new behaviors

With solid business experience, MEDIAGENIC’s experts have in-depth knowledge of advertising agencies, communications and marketing, combined with a genuine culture of innovation.

Because companies need to deliver a unique brand identity through a variety of communication levers, our MEDIAGENIC team can help you define your marketing strategy for all your campaigns. We’re here to help you meet your image, brand awareness and traffic-building challenges, and boost the services you offer. Our fields of expertise are based on the realization of campaigns including the following media :

All these campaigns can be coupled with a webmarketing strategy adapted to the Internet, with actions on natural referencing to boost your search engine positioning, the creation of specialized content, a web design or ergonomics service to improve the user experience, the development of your presence on social networks and the conception of a social media strategy, etc.

In an era of relentless digital evolution, a brand not only defines its own identity but is redefined by the medium in which it operates.
Media today are more than just channels – they are the echo of our cultural ambitions and the mirror of our collective identity. As we move into the age of digitization, the symbiosis between brand and medium becomes even more intense.
The future belongs to those who recognize this dynamic relationship and harness it to create messages that are not only heard but also felt.

Portrait de Saverio Progano

Saverio Progano
Founder / CEO

Optimization through tracking, attribution and measurement of your media campaigns

By positioning itself at the heart of the various advertising campaigns, MEDIAGENIC supports its customers by providing :

Our approach is designed to be effective and specific to the challenges of each advertiser, always respecting our values of “Simple, True & Effective”.

This promise forms the basis of our principles and gives meaning to our day-to-day actions.

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Now media plans can be optimized based on precise indicators.

It’s possible to measure the impact of TV and radio media branding campaigns on your website audience. In the same way, it’s possible to attribute sales made at your points of sale to TV or display branding campaigns. By measuring the contribution of each media activation, MEDIAGENIC reduces your expenses and optimizes the ROI of your investments, while developing your company’s various brands.

The evolution of media buying and its digitalization, the fragmentation of customer journeys and the volumes of data available are creating new communication and service opportunities for advertisers, but also new expectations of their partners:

  • transparency in the systems deployed and the results obtained

  • optimize performance and investments in all On and Off levers in place

  • use of data generated by campaigns

  • the ability to seize new opportunities and innovate

Our commitment to continuing education and academic training at SAWI

Our involvement with SAWI as a provider of continuing education (Brevet fédéral) and academic training (Bachelor) is based on our passion for sharing knowledge, practical experience and developing marketing and business professionals.

We provide in-depth expertise in our specific field, drawing on our professional experience and specialist skills. We understand the importance of quality continuing education to keep up with the fast-changing world of business and marketing.

By collaborating with SAWI, we have the opportunity to actively contribute to the learning and growth of our participants. We can share concrete examples, case studies and best practices drawn from our professional experience, enabling participants to benefit from a practical perspective and develop skills applicable to their field of activity.

As speakers, we work closely with the SAWI teaching team to design relevant, up-to-date training programs. We strive to provide high-quality content, based on solid research and effective teaching approaches.

We are also attentive to the specific needs of participants and adapt to their skill levels and professional objectives.

Our involvement with SAWI also enables us to contribute to the development of our own expertise. By preparing and delivering courses, we deepen our understanding of the subjects we teach, keep up to date with the latest trends and research, and improve our communication and knowledge transmission skills.

Our commitment to continuing education and academic training with SAWI is based on our desire to share our knowledge and experience with professionals. We strive to provide added value to participants by offering quality, practical and relevant content. It’s a rewarding opportunity to contribute to the professional growth of others while continuing our own development as experts in our field.

We offer training modules for companies in the fields of communication and media.

We are proud to offer corporate training modules in the fields of communications and media. Our aim is to help companies strengthen their skills and understanding of effective communication strategies, digital and traditional media, and the latest trends in these fields.

Our training modules are tailor-made to meet the specific needs of each company. We understand that every organization has its own communications and media challenges and objectives. As a result, we work closely with our customers to develop programs tailored to their needs.

Our training modules cover a wide range of topics, such as managing corporate communications, creating an effective communications strategy, online reputation management, media planning, creating engaging content, digital marketing, social media, public relations, and much more.

We draw on our in-depth expertise in communications and media to deliver high-quality training. Our trainers are experienced professionals with a practical knowledge of the latest trends and best practices. They are able to convey their knowledge in a clear, engaging and interactive way.

Our training courses use a variety of teaching methods, including case studies, practical workshops, simulations, group discussions and presentations. We also encourage exchanges of experience between participants, promoting collaborative learning and the sharing of best practices.

By choosing our training modules, companies can benefit from numerous advantages. They can strengthen their in-house communications and media skills, enabling them to be more autonomous and responsive in their communications activities. They can also improve their visibility, reputation and market positioning through effective communication strategies. What’s more, employees who take part in our training courses can develop their professional skills, which contributes to their personal fulfillment and career progression.

Our communication and media training modules offer companies the opportunity to strengthen their skills and understanding of effective communication strategies. We are committed to providing high-quality training courses, tailored to the specific needs of each organization, and delivered by experts in the field. We firmly believe that investing in training enables companies to stand out and prosper in a constantly evolving communications environment.

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Why work with us?

Calling on MEDIAGENIC offers many advantages for companies and brands wishing to build an effective media strategy in today’s versatile consumer society. Here are just a few of the reasons why working with us is so beneficial:

Specialized expertise

MEDIAGENIC has in-depth expertise in communications and marketing. We have in-depth knowledge of media trends, communication channels and the best strategies and practices for effectively reaching a target audience. Our experience enables us to provide relevant advice tailored to each company’s specific objectives.

In-depth analysis

MEDIAGENIC carries out an in-depth analysis of the market, the competition and the company’s target audience. We use specific tools and methodologies to collect and analyze relevant data. This analysis enables us to better understand the media landscape and consumer behavior, and to identify opportunities and challenges specific to the company.

Customized strategy

Depending on the company’s objectives and needs, MEDIAGNEIC can develop a customized strategy. We take into account the company’s specific characteristics, its target market, its sector of activity and its available resources. This personalized approach ensures that the media strategy is tailored to the company’s needs and capabilities.

Optimizing resources

MEDIAGENIC can help you optimize your company’s resource allocation. We know how to make the most of the allocated budget, by identifying the most relevant and cost-effective channels for achieving communication objectives. This avoids unnecessary expenditure and maximizes return on investment.

Monitoring and assessment

MEDIAGENIC constantly monitors the performance of its media strategy. We carry out regular measurements and analyses to assess the effectiveness of our actions and make any necessary adjustments. This enables us to optimize our strategy in real time and ensure continuous improvement in results.

When you call on MEDIAGENIC, you get specialized expertise, in-depth analysis, a customized strategy, optimization of resources and rigorous follow-up. These advantages help companies to build a solid media strategy and maximize their impact in a versatile consumer society.


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